Deportation by the Numbers

Happy Deportation! Claudia!

Deportation by the Numbers from Pew Study, Politifact, Latin Post

A recent article shows the result of a recent study that shows some interesting figures related to Deportations under the Obama Administration. Some of the numbers are:

Deportations Numbers to know

  • President Obama has overseen a total of 1,582,756 deportations
  • This is at a rate of 395,689 deportations a year,
  • The Bush administration averaged about 251,567 deportations annually,
  • unlawful reentry was the second most common federal crime,
  • Immigration related offenses made up 30% of federal convictions

Unauthorized immigrants sentenced in federal courts in 2012

  • 68% were convicted of “unlawfully entering or remaining in the United States,”
  • 19% were sentenced for drug offenses,
  • 7% were sentenced for other immigration related offenses
  • 6% were sentenced for other crimes
  • 92% of immigrants charged with unlawful reentry were Latino
  • 97% of Hispanic offenders got prison time when convicted of unlawful entry



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