U.S. Immigration Laws have become even more difficult. Filling out Forms will not protect your family.

Team up with experienced Immigration  Lawyer to Protect your Family

Here is what we do for Families like yours:


The K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa process and OVerview

It is your beginning point. It is not just a wedding and it is not about filing out forms. This is a big first step towards the rest of of a happy marriage. Our job is to make sure that your special day comes and goes without legal issues getting in the way.


The Family Based Visa Process and Overview

Its not just a Family Petition - It is the Family Petition that protects and secures your families future. Our job is to help you provided legal status for your family. Now and in the future.


How we work to Assit your Family's needs

You talk. We listen. Together we will make sure that your family receives the legal protection needed to stay in the United States.

Because your Family is Important to you.

Immigration is not just filling out forms and wishing for the best.  In todays current climate it more important than ever to protect your family from any mistakes that can later prove to be costly.  

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