Thank You For Signing Up! 5 Step Process for Obtaining a Family Based Green Card

Follow these steps to complete the process:

Step 01.

Check Your Email Inbox

Go to the inbox of the email address you used to sign up.

Step 02.

Open the Confirmation Email

Open the email sent by The Law Office of Wilcox | Harmon, LLC

Step 03.

Click on the Confirmation Link

Click on the link inside the email and you can download the Guide

Our consultations are normaly $250 per hour to speak with an Immigration Attorneys.  Because you downloaded the free guide -  grab a very limited time slot  at a reduced rate of $75.

After you select a time a confirmation email along with instructions will be sent to you.  If you are unable to make this appointment please follow the instructions to cancel so that others may take advantage of this free time slot.